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Getting lean and toned
shouldn't be complicated

You don't have to join a studio to get a graceful, gorgeous "barre body" right at home. In Barre Blend, Elise Joan starts with the elegant, body-slimming moves of classic ballet barre -- and turns up to heat -- so you get a low-impact, high-energy workout designed to tighten your waist, lift your booty, strengthen your arms, and thin your thighs. Best of all…you can start now -- for FREE.

Getting lean and toned shouldn't be complicated

Get lean and toned

How It Works

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It's Easy and Free to Start

It takes just a minute to sign up and costs you nothing today. Longer-term plans also available.

Low-Impact, High-Energy Workouts

Sweat, stretch, and strengthen 30-40 minutes a day, plus 10-minute "enhancements" to sculpt specific areas.

Low Impact
Find Inspiration

Find Inspiration

Turn over a new “I AM” motivational card every day to stay empowered, in and outside of class.

A Simple Meal Plan

We'll tell you exactly what to eat to get lean and strong.


3 Intensity Levels

Follow the modifier if you're new to barre, stick with the mid-line, or choose the intensifier for extra burn.

Get Fast Results For FREE

Will you be stronger? Leaner? More balanced? See for yourself.


Beachbody KNOWS how to deliver results

Our expert trainers, Elise Joan, Autumn
Calabrese, Shaun T, and others, have helped
millions of people—just like you—lose weight
and live healthier lives.

With your Beachbody On Demand
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Barre Blend you have exclusive
access to 1,500+ additional Beachbody
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progressing, always improving.

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Will you already be sculpting that lean, toned "barre body"? Or will you be sitting on the fence still thinking about it?

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