“Want a better way
to burn fat? Just
build lean muscle.”

- Megan Davies, Beachbody Super Trainer

I’ll show you how to lose up to
15 lbs. in 21 days. Start Free Trial!

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What do #mbf Muscle
Burns Fat results look like?

Ashley V.

“I love Megan, she is on another level!
Her sense of humor is what gets me
through these workouts.”
—Ashley V.

Holly M.

“I haven’t felt this good since I had my
first child, nearly 9 years ago.”
—Holly M.

You'll love getting in shape right at home

I've helped tens of thousands of people reach their fitness goals through my Beachbody programs, #mbf Muscle Burns Fat, and #mbfa Muscle Burns Fat Advanced. Follow my simple approach, and I'll prove it can work for you too, in just 3 weeks.

Meet Your Trainer

“Here’s what makes
my system work


Muscle Engagement

You’ll gradually challenge
your muscles to help burn
stored fat.


Musical Intensity

Each move is set to the beat,
to help you keep a steady


Metabolism Boost

Building muscle helps burn
calories even when you’re


Simple Nutrition

Follow a delicious meal plan
that also helps you lose

See results in
just 3 weeks!

I made the moves easy to follow, and
broke the program into two simple
3-week phases.

Phase 1

#mbf uses short resistance routines
mixed with cardio to ignite the fat-burning
over your first three weeks.

Phase 2

#mbfa Muscle Burns Fat Advanced is the
perfect follow-up to help take your results
to the next level. Or simply repeat Phase 1
until you're ready to take it up a notch.

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Plus, you'll get 1,500+
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They did #mbf...
Now look at them!

Marcus L.

“#mbf is a great workout you can feel
from day one. You don’t need a gym to
get amazing results.”
—Marcus L.

Liz G.

“I loved feeling the music. This program
taught me to not be afraid of weights.”
—Liz G.

Every transformation has
a beginning. Are you
ready for yours?

See you on day one!

See you on day one!

See you on day one!